Willkommen auf Stéphane's Seite, der "Rheingauer Franzose"
Willkommen auf Stéphane's Seite, der "Rheingauer Franzose"

A few words about the Rheingau Region



The wine region of Rheingau west of the Rhine-Main area is known for its excellent Riesling wines and extends from Lorch to Walluf, and is located near to Wiesbaden and Mainz.  


The climatic conditions favor the viticulture, which was already practiced in the region in the time of Charlemagne. Rheingauer wines, in particular the Rheingau Riesling, enjoy a top reputation all over the world.


Few figures:     

  • 3100 hectares of vineyards     
  • Just 2.5% of the German grapes are produced here     
  • Altogether about 20 million liters of wine per year     
  • Of which 85% white wine.     
  • Riesling with almost 80%     
  • Pinot noir around 12.5%     
  • Müller-Thurgau two percent



The Rheingau has a lot of sights to offer as a cultural country, including interesting castles, monasteries and churches, partly with wineries, including Eberbach Abbey in Eltville, Vollrads Palace and Johannisberg Palace in Geisenheim with its basilica.


Photo 1: Eberbach Abbey who served as background for the film in the name of the rose with Sean Connery.  


Photo 2: Chateau-Vignoble Johannisberg is the most famous vineyard.  


Photo 3: Chateau-Vignoble Vollrads is also of great renown.  


All these sites are visitable, but especially what is the most interesting you can stop there and make wine tastings as glasses.

To see are the old towns of Rüdesheim with its famous street Drosselgasse, Eltville with the electoral castle, the Catholic Church of St. Peter and Paul and Kiedrich, the Gothic wine village of Rheingau.


In Rudesheim also begins the UNESCO World Rhine Valley heritage site. In addition, there are other interesting castles and fortresses, monasteries and churches.


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